Bodysuit: LF / Skirt: LF / Boots: Steve Madden

What do you see when you look in the mirror? What does your reflection tell you? Do your eyes frown? Do your smile lines have a permanent crease on your face? Do you see soul? Do you see passion? Do you see pain? 

You & I have a story. Not just any story, not the tales of the day you write in your diary, not the happenings you disclose to your best friend on your car ride to work. Not what you mention to your distant relatives as they call asking about your life. Stories that are told from the way you nod your head or flip your hair, the way you side ways smile or even that evil stare. We tell our stories by the way we walk, talk and guard ourselves. By the way we love freely or none at all, the way we live and breath and the way we die with our lies. We all have stories that nobody knows, that nobody sees, the ones that only our reflections reveal to ourselves as we pass by polished metal or seeing glass.

Exploring the PAMM museum in Downtown Miami left me thinking of reflection, there were similes of it through the entire building and I couldn't help but reflect on what I saw, in myself, as I walked by the images that mirrored my reflection. I wondered what people saw when they looked at me, I wondered if my smile lines told my happiness or if my eyes illustrated my hurt, If my lips narrated my truth. 

Then I realized..  

Maybe it isn't about what people see when they look at you at all. Maybe it's all about the person looking back at you in the mirror, or the shadow following you around, or the upside down body standing in the water as you look down at it. Maybe that upside down person is actually right side up.