I’ll never forget my first time catching a fish, I was with my dad in the keys and in that very moment I really thought I was the coolest person in the world. My dad always had a way of making me feel that way. Being born and raised in Miami going down to the keys was a quick weekend get away for my family and I. This past week I made my way to Hawks Cay resort reminiscing all the summer moments I had there from my childhood. So much was just as I remembered and with all the incredible renovations they've done over the years there was much more I got to explore.

Going to Hawks Cay as an adult was a totally different experience then what I was use to. This time around my mini #HAwksCayVacay was a total girls trip with 5 incredible blogger babes. Spending time with these girls was beyond what I could have expected, we laughed with each another, learned from one another and I know we all walked away with so much love for one another. We barely slept most nights staying up like we were teens and talking the night away, playing card games and just enjoying each others company.

The nostalgia was really in the air because I completely embraced my inner active child-like ways, I biked around the entire resort like I was a teen again. Soccer was the first sport I played growing up so of course the Colombian in me found the soccer field and my inner 7 year old soccer playing self came to play and surprisingly enough I still have some sweet sweet skills. I may or may not have climbed trees that I wasn’t exactly allowed to climb…shhhhh nobody has to know about ‘that part’. Paddle boarding was probably my favorite activity, I went out early morning when it was peaceful and calm and did some yoga moves in the middle of the quiet still waters, it was relaxing and so needed. Speaking of relaxing I enjoyed a ‘Hot Stone’ deep tissue massage from Lauren at the Spa and wow, she had me feeling brand new and as relaxed as ever. One thing I've never done before that was swimming with the Dolphins, it was so special and something I'll never forget.

Being active really works up an appetite and Hawks Cay was definitely more than capable of handling my insane appetite. Not only was the food amazing but I had so many options to choose from that I definitely over did it on the food intake! One of the girls was Vegan, another was Vegetarian and another Lactose and they really had options for each one of us. We ordered a bit of everything and shared with one another and I couldn't tell you my favorite because I loved everything. I definitely recommend sea food being it is 'The Keys' after all.

To say the least I was not ready to leave my little resort of nostalgia and I'm already planning my next trip back. Everything from the staff, the rooms, the activities and food was really just amazing. I was so happy to be able to get away from home but still feel very much at home with Hawks Cay!