I remember those morning when I would wake up & remember to shave and it always felt like an accomplishment and then hours later that high would come crashing down when I'd feel an itch and realize, razor burn! Surprise surprise razors are definitely the culprit and I am so relieved to toss mine out the window! 

Confidence is key and nothing makes me more confident then knowing my skin is razor bump free, especially being bikini season is right around the corner! Body Details has been the super hero for my hair removal troubles, and I couldn't be more grateful. I'm on my 4th session and every time I go it seems to be easier & easier and my hair seems to grow back less & less. 

Body Details has more than anything made me feel at home, within' my own skin & at each of their facilities, they've been so welcoming and warm with me making me feel comfortable and part of the family! I can't wait to finish to finish my sessions andsee my final results, stay tuned!