I am me; not you, not he, not she, not a “good” girl, not a bad girl, not even your girl– I am a woman but before I am a woman I am a huMAN yet I am still seen as a subordinate, unequal to man. I have a monthly membership fee of 80 cents to every mans dollar working till I bleed to catch up to what men have easier than me. Blood flows from me every 28 days or so and reminds me that I, woman, know more than anyone what it’s like to work through the pain. I was born with a vagina but before any of that I am a huMAN. 

I am a walking contradiction, I am told that I must look a certain way, I must count calories, have a slim waist, fat assets and a perky chest. I am told that beauty is essential to my identity. Though if I’m beautiful that’s all people see when they look at me, not my mind, my soul or anything that makes me whole. If I don’t party I’m stuck up, a prude even. If I do party I’m a harlot, to some maybe even a whore.  If I stick up for myself I’m a sensitive female dog, if I remain quiet I can’t ‘take the heat’ and I’m nothing more than a pussy cat.

I'm a living, breathing being. I was not created for entertainment nor fulfillment to man's curiosity. Womanhood is not just about cooking dinners or keeping a clean house. It's more than the size of your jeans or even the length of your hair. It's more complex than any words I can compile in an infinite amount of blog posts. Some days, well most days it's more than I can even understand. I can tell you this, I am human, you are human, we are all human, same flesh, same bone, we are made of the same atoms, Adam.