SWEATER: Forever 21  PANTS: TopShop SHOES: Puma

Since I could remember I've been afraid of heights, as a child I would avoid looking down the railing of the second floor at the mall, I still take the stairs as appose to escalators and I use to avoid balconies at all cost. I imagined the fall before I even reached any height. I feared the unknown of that balcony before realizing that new heights meant new views, that new views meant new perspectives. 

I'm not sure, if it was falling through my brother's bedroom window as a child that traumatized me a bit or if I just didn't believe in myself enough to think I could rise up from a fall. I mean, we've all preached that it's not how you fall it's how you get back up, right? Getting back up is ugly; physically and mentally,  figuratively and literally. Whether it's a fall off the ledge or falling in love, falls can be destructive. You can end up broken and bruised, mentally confused, hurt both emotionally and tangibly. 

Let's take a different approach… what about the risk? Why don't we see the value in the risk of facing the fear of heights. You see, weather you climb and fall or climb and prosper, in both outcomes you still grow, you're made stronger in the failure and you're made whole in the finale. Taking the risk only shows that you believe in yourself enough to make it, and have faith in yourself enough to know that even if you fall you won't be down for too long.

I find myself reaching new heights and taking higher risks, don't get me wrong I'm still terrified, but now I'm choosing to climb the steepest mountains with the longest routes, I'm weak in the knees, but still very strong where it counts.