Fashion rules aside, does anyone else embrace an all white look year around like I do? No matter where you're headed, there's something about an all-white ensemble that keeps things simple, yet chic, and confident. There’s really no secret trick to wearing an all-white outfit either –  everyone can pull it off and look absolutely gorgeous.

You’ll never guess that the top in this look is actually a men’s button down. Honestly, my clothing really doesn’t stand a chance against my scissors; I cut everything, no, really everything, even my fingers in the process. This shirt surgery was a piece of cake, I simply cut straight across the collar line and tied the bottom half of the shirt in a bow, voila! It's now a trendy crisp white top.

 My tip to you, while pulling off this fresh look just make sure to stay away from the ketchup and other similar sauces. You’ll thank me later.