My hair can be hard to handle sometimes, actually.. I can be pretty hard to handle at times too, but that’s another post for another day. On a casual day when I don’t want to seem as if 'I just woke up like this’ but not how Queen Bey talks about waking up cute and flawless, I mean the literal term, just woke up and hair is flying around; a total mess, my go-to is a hat. Baseball hats are fun and really trendy right now so it’s a win-win. The hat that you’ve seen on my SnapChat, Instagram and now this blog post is my new favorite accessory for everything I wear. I try to be open minded, in all aspects of life but especially my wardrobe choices. This look could have easily been a nice outfit for the evening being I have heels and a lace-y bra showing, but since I decided to wear it during the day I went with my mane tamer, a hat to make the look a bit more casual. 

Let’s talk a bit about these Prada sunnies! Hey girl hey! Yes, I will 'hey girl' my self in these all day, because these bad boys are just perfect. Ok, so I clearly live in Sunny Florida, hence the hat. The Miami sun is intense and sun glasses are probably apart of everyone’s life down here. I teamed up with ‘SHOP DITTO’ for their monthly sunglasses subscription and I couldn’t be happier. Not only is the monthly price totally affordable but the designer brand selection is out of this world. They gave me a code for you all to try out too! Make sure to enjoy your first month FREE by using code FOLLOWDEE at