I’ve been using Uber over the last 2 years, I’ve had my fair share of funny experiences, from crying on the phone while my poor Uber driver-partner had to listen to me, stuck in some bad traffic and having to ask for the AUX cord to sing away my traffic anxiety or even the time I had to do my makeup while rushing to work and spilling some foundation on my Uber driver-partner's seat (Sorry UBER driver-partner). None the less, I’ve been grateful to have the option of being driven around town.

For those of you unfamiliar with Uber, it’s a ride-sharing app that allows the rider to request a ride to go anywhere from work, to a friend’s house or even to your red eye flight. You enter where you’re headed and it pulls up the estimated fare so you can see how much it will cost. You also see all the information you need about the driver, the car, the license, even a photo of your driver, which always helps me feel more comfortable. From the driver’s point of view, you turn on the app, accept who rides with you, and you can work as much or as little as you want. You can go full-time with Uber or use it as a second income.

Fast forward to now, Uber reached out to me about partnering together. It was an easy yes being I’ve always had such great experiences. The idea was to interview an Uber driver-partner and learn about them, their experiences and why they chose to Uber. Taking this partnership I had no idea how much this interview would inspire me. 


Daynel is a 23 year old Cuban native who moved to Miami, Florida in his teenage years when his mother won the Diversity Visa lottery which allowed the family to move to the United States. Before starting with Uber, Daynel was in the U. S military, which I’m sure you’d never guess due to his total baby face. Did I mention that Daynel is a singer? Oh yeah, people in Miami call him the #SingingUBER. Don’t believe me? See it for yourself. Daynel has a hashtag full of videos from his singing drives. Being on the pursuit of following his dreams he knew a normal 9-5 job just wouldn’t cut it. He wanted a job with flexibility and becoming an Uber driver-partner was just the position for him. Uber would be the perfect side hustle while he pursues his singing career. Daynel and I had a blast over some Panther Coffee in Wynwood, singing and chatting away, you would have thought we were best friends from how comfortable and smooth everything went.

He told me how starting his side hustle with Uber really helped him with his transition from the military back to the real world while still allowing him to pursue his career. He told me stories about rides and the amazing people he’s been able to meet and most importantly for him, the opportunity he has come across by singing his way through Miami while Ubering. Each day is new and exciting for Daynel, new people, new stories, new locations and new friendships. Meeting people and hearing their experiences really has encouraged Daynel’s music and given him a new appreciation for his art. In our short time getting to know each other I’ve definitely made a new friend.

You couldn’t meet a better representation of Uber than Daynel. For that matter, you couldn’t meet a more positive person in general! Anyone looking for a side hustle to inspire them daily? Sign up with Uber here! Little did he know he inspired me most. 

Thank you Daynel for inspiring me and all fellow Uber riders that have the pleasure of hopping into your car!