Yesterday I had the pleasure of checking out Miami Plastic Surgery (@MiamiPlasticSurgery) where I got a ‘Vampire Facial’ with Certified Physician Assistant, Tanya Patron, @miamiplasticsurgery_pa whom might I say is just fabulous and easily one of the sweetest people I’ve come across, she walked me through everything  step by step and made me feel completely comfortable. I got tons of questions about what a vampire facial is via my Instagram so I decided to talk about it a bit….

The PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) facial, also known as the ‘Vampire Facial’ (as coined by Kim Kardashian), is a non-surgical procedure where Tanya applies my own plasma to my skin. After drawing up my blood, she spins it down to separate the red blood cells from the plasma, which is what is applied to my skin for the treatment. This can treat wrinkles, acne scars, help improve tone, texture, pore size and discoloration as well as give a younger rejuvenated appearance.

Tanya uses a fractional micro-needling device which is a pen that consists of 11 micro-needles that pulse up & down as she glides it over my face. It punctures the skin and pushes the PRP substance into the “dermis” (the dense inner layer of skin beneath the “epidermis”).

Stem cells can be found in every part of the body, including our skin. The PRP substance activates the stem cells that lie dormant in the skin on the face through certain growth factors found in the platelets. When activated, those stem cells grow new, younger-looking skin. Thanks to the Vampire Facial/PRP, you can now enjoy amazing skin through a very safe and effective procedure!

I woke up today feeling brand new! Thank you Tanya & everyone over at Miami Plastic Surgery!