It's no surprise that I love to repurpose my clothing. This Voltron shirt use to be a plain graphic tee, that is before my scissors and I had some fun. I paired this choppy grunge crop top with royal blue palazzo pants from Zara. Wide-leg trousers do a short girl such justice! Not only does it elongate my legs, but the high waste really gives me a tiny tummy. The playful flowy bottom really fancied up the edginess of this top.

Touching on the topic of flowy - Let's talk about 'FLOW'… I've been learning a lot lately about the flow of things… more specifically maintaing a balance and flow for myself. I'm hard on myself when I'm not keeping up with the flow I want to be moving at. I noticed that having too much to do, at times, can make you want to do nothing at all. In the stress of finding the balance and flow of things I've learned that some days you won't eat healthy, you won't make it to the gym, you'll spill the milk, you'll lock yourself out the house, you'll stub your toe and things will happen, because that's life. As much as we want to control the flow at which we think we should be going, life just happens, all around us, everyday, all day, and guess what? We can't control it all. With this being said, strive for the best, hustle more, love hard, mess up, but get back up and finish what you started. I may not be going at the flow that I want for myself all the time but I'm learning that, that's ok, keep pushing and striving and even on your worst day, it's still worth it. 

How do you handle the balance and flow of everything? Would love to hear about it.